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Excellence Addicts is an international Training, and Coaching company with the main focus on helping individuals and businesses move through change and challenges in order to create what they want, in life, in business, in abundance and in balance.

Our team are passionate about helping YOU create what YOU want in your reality.
Our values are: passion, integrity, professionalism, authenticity, results and Excellence.

From individuals to corporate organisations, Excellence Addicts provides a solution to suit
your needs.


 So who are our team?

Heather Bond - Training and Professional Services Manager at Excellence Addicts

Heather Bond
Heather Bond is an international weaver of authenticity, excellence and awareness who helps and inspires people and businesses to transcend their conventional limits.

A coach on the Her business project for over two years, Heather gained her practitioner and master practitioner qualifications in NLP, hypnotherapy and Timeline Therapy in 2004 and 2005 respectively. She qualified as a business coach with US based B/Coach in 2005, although she had been coaching in a less formal capacity as a senior Professional Services Manager for four years prior. She has over fifteen years experience in business and IT consultancy and is fully aware of the challenges facing changing organisations. She holds a Professional Diploma in Management as part of the MBA programme.

Her focus is on transformational training and NLP coaching for business, corporate and personal evolvement. She combines traditional business and corporate models with her own unique coaching processes to achieve real results. She includes principles of NLP, Emotional Intelligence and Servant Leadership to powerfully enable businesses and individuals to move forward. She has delivered workshops to corporate (e.g BT, O2…) , SME’s and individuals with equal success, as well as coaching one-to-one and groups.

She trained with Jack Canfield (the success coach) in the US in 2006. She trained with Tad and Adrianna James in Australia to become a certified trainer of NLP, NLP Coaching, Values and Time Line Therapy™ Techniques in 2008 and is currently a participant on Tad James Master Trainer Programme.

It is her unique mix of skills, abilities, empathy, professionalism and flexibility that enable Heather to deliver on her higher purpose with such success.


Associates. . .

Excellence Addicts work with a number of first class specialist organisations to provide customers with a full range of services and support. Associates include:

Corinne McGee

Corinne McGee - Primary Training Associate and Coach
Corinne is a transformational coach and trainer who has worked in the fields of management and personal development for 15 years.  She worked in the public sector before setting up her own consultancy in 2004.  She has been involved in leadership and management programmes as well as women’s enterprise, performance and business coaching, training and consultancy.  She has worked with a whole range of clients, from individuals and groups through to SME’s and corporates.

Corinne is passionate about making a difference and has the rare ability to relate to people at all levels.  She has an enthusiasm and optimism that is infectious, and holds the position that anything is possible, it’s just a question of how.

Corinne’s professional skill has been built up through hundreds of hours of one-to-one coaching, training and facilitation. She is an Associate Credentialed Coach with the International Coach Federation, and a Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Time Line Therapy™.  She also holds the Diploma in Management Studies and Certificate in Education.


Shelagh Fairbank - Direstor and Owner of Fairbank Training


Shelagh is a highly self-motivated, enthusiastic and fun-loving person with multi-faceted experience in the IT industry involved in training IT Software, Personal Development and Communications Skills.  Through commitment and dedication, Shelagh's career has progressed successfully in the industry over the years encompassing Sales, Management, Training, Customer Relations & Services, Telephone & Sales Support, Account Management & Development, Communications and general Consultancy. 

Shelagh has been active in the IT and Communications industries for 23 years.  She has run a successful training organisation for over 15 years, helping people in the Corporate and SME market in a variety of industries, to improve their skills in IT applications, personal development and communication.

Through Fairbank Training and with a team of freelance training consultants supporting the organisation, Shelagh has managed many projects that have taken her team of trainers around the UK and into Europe.  As part of the tailored approach Fairbank Training offers, Shelagh has regularly designed and conducted workshops and seminars to large audiences on communications and software on both standard and bespoke systems.  She has worked not only within the IT arena but also with Human Resources on Talent and Performance Review programmes and Sales Management on induction for Sales Representatives.  Looking at business processing and procedure management and working with Customer Relationship Management systems Shelagh has developed workshops and self-paced training modules to complement new systems and practices. 

Shelagh generates high standards of performance through personal innovation and team building.  With a focus on flexibility and achievement, her own success has been a result of her all-round experience in the industry, providing her with a good understanding of Clients' needs relating to their business objectives, budget and time constraints.



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