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For Leaders, Project Managers, Change Managers, Teams

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  • Communicating Excellently™
  • Coaching Excellently™
  • Leading Excellently™
  • Managing Change Excellently™
  • Managing Projects Excellently™
  • Building Teams Excellently™
  • Managing Business Excellently™
  • Negotiating Excellently™
  • Leading Excellently™
  • Presenting Excellently™
  • Social Media Success
  • Networking Excellently

Bespoke solutions are also available

Further details of all of the above are available on request and can be designed as a bespoke solutions to meet specific organisational requirements.

Free Intro – NLP for Business

This is a four hour presentation and includes:

  • What is NLP?
  • NLP Communication Model
  • Outcomes
  • Rapport
  • Communication and Representational Systems
  • Strategies

Managing Change Excellently™

Excellence Addicts Managing Change Excellently Programme is designed to develop, challenge and inspire management teams of any level. This programme is modelled from lessons learned from some of the worlds leading companies. Our Course will enable you to understand:

  • how to effectively manage change
  • how to combat employee resistance and motivate employees
  • how to build executive and employee support for your project
  • what some of the world’s largest organisations would do differently on their next project.
  • Our structured and comprehensive management training development programmes give Managers the most advanced management skills developed by modelling the world’s greatest managers and leaders.
  • The worlds Top CXO’s and leaders utilise NLP skills to communicate their organisations messages to ensure they maximise true potential. By applying the latest techniques of NLP you can personally improve your communication, decision making, leadership, negotiation, team building, coaching and goal setting skills .

Our Change course will enable you to:

  • Identify the "must do" activities for each phase of the project: planning, design and implementation.
  • Build rapport quickly with everyone you interact with
  • Understand the most effective methods of communication, and how frequently should the objectives and progress of the project be communicated.
  • Motivate employees to be their very best.
  • Communicate through metaphor.
  • Manage your state.
  • Create the right working environment and company culture
  • Learn which key activities sponsors can do to contribute to the success of the project, as well as the biggest mistakes they often make.
  • Learn how to improve the effectiveness of your change management effort by selecting the right team members.
  • Approach issues from multiple points of view.
  • Translate concepts into value added activities.
  • Develop coping mechanisms to deal with complex leadership situations.
  • Understand emerging models of leadership.
  • Discover that the intuitive qualities of great leaders can be learnt.
  • Develop Complex Problem Solving Abilities
  • Enhance your performance at meetings, negotiations, and presentations.
  • Develop robust, lasting and practical stress management skills to beat stress forever.
  • Set compelling and consistently achievable goals - and achieve them
  • Exceed your goals and expectations by excelling in the way you communicate, influence and motivate yourself and others
  • Improve results by challenging what limits your performance
  • Gather specific, high quality information from people and use it to achieve outcomes
  • Develop your creativity and flexibility

Managing Projects Excellently™

This course covers many of the above but is more tailored to Project Methodologies and a Project Life Cycle. It includes specific scenario training using Agile as well as traditional Project Management methods.
It also includes:

  • Communicating superbly across company, country and cultural boundaries
  • Initiative training and creative problem resolution
  • Conflict resolution
  • Risk management
  • Presenting with Presence
  • Approaching issues from multiple view points
  • Planning Excellence
  • Handling internal and external politics with flair
  • Modelling excellent projects
  • The top ten tips for successful project management

All Business work is guaranteed subject to the client (and individuals within the client’s team) wanting to achieve results and willing to do whatever processes required as well as meeting all agreements.

All Business work is guaranteed subject to the client (and individuals within the client’s team) wanting to achieve results and willing to do what it takes and keeping their agreements.

If we quote an expected time block for services and we go beyond that quote, the client simply pays the quoted amount.

If we complete before the time quoted the client only pays for the time utilised.

If we find that we cannot help the client all monies will be refunded.


For More Information, call us on:
SA Office:
mail:  NLP-SA@ExcellenceAddicts.com

UK Office: +44 20 8133 8161